In the 21 years 11 months ending Sep 2019, the funds under management have yielded an absolute cumulative return of +929.19% or a CAGR of +11.22% p.a. nett of all fees, in SGD terms with dividends re-invested. On the relative returns front, we have also consistently out-performed the various regional market indices, in this case the MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan Small-cap Index (Bloomberg Ticker: MSLUAFJN). Over the same period, this Index increased by +102.33% implying a CAGR of +3.27% p.a.

We are quick to acknowledge however that performance is historical and therefore not predictive of the future so we will not dwell on that too much. Looking ahead, we will only point to our investment principles and process which gives us a reasonable grip on what investment returns are likely to be over the future.

(Note: The figures above have been verified by an external auditor for the period Oct 97 to Dec 04 for all portfolios under management over the period. From Jan 05 onwards, only the performance of the collective investment Fund is reported for which the period Jan 05 to Jun 19 has been audited by the Fund external auditor).

 Monthly Performance Data Since 1997